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I walked away from the shows of new Brazilian bands for several years. In the meantime, I was told that a former guitar student had returned to play and was in the band Glamourama. Other than that, a studio assistant told me he was pissed off at a vocalist who was rolling around in his underwear at rehearsal. I turned on the facts and thought it was great. I love glam rock, but the time has not yet come to see my ex-friend or the band in action. Time passed, the band Glamorosa cracked (the funniest of all: the guitarist who left was another former student) and adopted the name Cabaret. Fate brought us face to face. I met guitarist Pedro (now Peter Glitter) at the Rolling Stones concert on Copacabana beach. He gave me this advanced CD. Then I went to take the 9 live test. With the head made by the bombastic presentations, I can say that this is one of the two works that impressed me the most in the last few months. Does Cabaret not deserve Brazil, or does Brazil not deserve Cabaret (“its sensual pose doesn’t stand out or commercial”)?

The band works well on the CD, but with less aggression than at the shows. (Also, how to be subtle with a vocalist rolling around in his underwear?) All the tracks are classic glitter rock but pop to the core. For that very reason, easily rememberable. We hear here not a mere copy of what is done (or did) abroad, but a very national rereading of everything that is acid and refined: Brazilian rock from the 80s, Placebo, old U2, AC / DC and Queen with a light layer of alternative rock. The lyrics can make the head of rockers as well as motel-goers and casual lovers. Rocker can be tacky chic. Decadence Avec Elegance. Cabaret is sensitive, but has a hard-on.

I’m holding myself back from throwing confetti on the tracks (“The Stage Cannot Be Little”, “Personal Messiah”, “Lady of the Night”, the beautiful “Shine”, “Rockstar Baby”, “Don’t Give Up on Me” and “Um Corpse on Stage ”- which live much more strongly – among others), but I cannot fail to mention that the last composition, the hidden“ Tudo Que Aprendi ”, is a small work worthy of a mutant in his best moments .

“Don’t ask for forgiveness, or judge me in the end”