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People (parents included) incentivated you to join the musical business or they looked you horrified when you decided to form a rock band at that time?

Luckily, my parents have always supported me. They were also big Ozzy/Black Sabbath fans and they introduced me to this kind of music already from my birth. This has surely influenced my music taste a lot. When possible, my parents turn up at listening sessions or concerts. That’s the only times when I have butterflies in my stomach and feel a bit nervous because I know that my parents are in the audience. That’s always something very, very special to me.
What was your first experience in the business (singing or playing guitar)? How old were you?

I was 8 years old, singing at a school party in front of all the pupils and the parents.

You had to work in a different job at the beginning to support your musical career or you started playing and never stopped?

Singing and music have always been the job I want to do. However, it became really “serious” as I turned 18/19. I’ve also had different jobs apart from studying and taking my master degree at the university, like a dentist’s secretary, working at a kindergarten, newspaper-girl, babysitter, a teacher, giving langauage courses, selling merchendice, background singer, a gardener at a church yard.

Have you felt any prejudice against you because you are a she-rock and roller in a macho world?

Yes. I had to fight in front of court for my rights of doing further solo albums and not being forced to work with people who only wanted to exploit me. The people at the court were all men and I really felt how hard it is to be a young woman who has to stand up for her rights against a wall of prejudices. I’ve also got the question to “show more skin” and be more sexy at pictures many times. BUT: I only do what I think is right and what would be fine with my grand mother. I always think of her and I NEVER want to hurt her feelings!

You had to beat someone who crossed the line or you decided the things differently?

I only beat a person one time: on the street a drunk man hit his helpless dog again and again. I jumped on the guy and beat him twice and he let the dog loose. Unfortunately the guy had a knife so I ran away and jumped into the next bus.

What was your highlight as a rock female band and what was the lowest point?

There has been many, many highlights (the founding of Leaves’ Eyes, the deal with Napalm Recs., my solo deal with Roadrunner Recs., playing in Mexico City 3 times, in Porto/Portugal 3 times, playing in front of my family in my hometown Stavanger/Norway etc.) but only two lowest points: being at court, and being kicked out of Theatre of Tragedy.

What were/are your favourite female bands/singers of all the time?

Ozzy Osbourne/Black Sabbath and Madonna.

What was your first inspiration and idol? An artist, a book, a movie?

Ozzy and Madonna!

Have you any dissapointments concerning the music business and career, if you have something to declare?

Yes, it’s all about money. That’s sad but true, but never forget the REAL PERSON and ARTIST inside you!!! People may think they are “more important” when they are successful and they forget to be grateful and to be themselves.

Tell us more about playing the female role in the society, as a worker, a wife, a mother, a musician, a friend, a sister etc. It´s a more philosophical question.

To be a woman in music is most of the time a good situation for me because I’m feeling great with my band members. Leaves’ Eyes is like a big family at the Mastersound Studio where we spend most of our time. However, one thing is more important than being an artist: MY FAMILY! I really enjoy the role of being a mother. I plan my daily life on behalf of my son. I want to give him all the love in this world and he is the sunshine in my life! I’m so happy now. My sister is my best friend and we support each other in any way possible. Being a wife makes me very proud and I do think I’m a pretty good wife. At least I try my best!