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How To Play Craps

How To Play Craps

The Core Of The Game

The Game Of Craps Can Look a Little Intimidating To The Average Person Because Of All The Various Bets You Can Make, But Actually, The best malaysia online casino Game Itself Is Straightforward. Everyone At The Craps Table Gets a Turn To Roll The Dice. Still, You Don’t Have To Roll If You Don’t Want To, The Dice Are Passed Around The Table Clockwise, And If It’s Your Turn To Roll You Take Two Dice And Roll Them To The Opposite End Of The Table, This Is Your First Roll Of The Dice Which Is Also Called The Come-Out Roll. If You Roll 7 Or 11, That’s Called a Natural And You Win Plus You Get To Roll Again If You Roll a 2, 3 Or 12 Those Are Called Craps, And You Lose. However, You Still Get To Roll Back The Only Other Possible Numbers You Can Roll Are 4, 5, 6, 8, Nine Or Ten. If One Of Those Numbers Shows Up, Then That Number Becomes Your Point, And a Dealer At The Table Will Place a Small White Puck On That Number To Let Everyone Know That Number Is Your Point Then The Object Of The Game Is To Roll That Number Again.


Understanding The Bets

Pass Line Bets Are Paid Even Money, And The House Edge On a Pass Line Bet Is 1.41%, You Can Also Bet On The Don’t Pass Line In Which Case You’Re Betting That The Shooter Will Lose. To Make a Don’t Pass Bet You Put Your Stake In Front Of You In The Don’t Pass Area, Don’t Pass Bets Are Also Paid Even Money, And The House Edge On Them Is 1.40%. In Reality, The Odds Are Always 1.41% Against The Shooter And In Favour Of The Don’t Pass Bettor By That Same Amount. Of Course, If You’Re a Don’t Pass Bettor The casino online Don’t Want To Give You a Bet Where You Have An Edge, So They Have a Rule In Effect On Don’t Pass Bets Where On The Come-Out Roll If The Shooter Throws a 12 You Don’t Win You Don’t Lose, Either The Bet Is Just Considered a Push Or Tie And Nothing Happens.

The Limit To Bet

There Is a Limit To How Much You’Re Allowed To Bet. For Many Years Most Casinos Permitted a Maximum Of Two Times The Amount Of Your Pass Line Bet Nowadays However Many Casinos Offer Five Times Odds. Some Casinos Are Even Allowing Up To 100 Times Odds Because The Casino Has No Advantage On These Bets, You’Re Effectively Lowering The House Edge On Your Total Pass Line Bet By Taking Advantage Of These Free Odds Bets.

Limit To Bet


It Is Essential To Keep In Mind That When You Make a Free Odd Bet On Don’t Pass The Casino Will Allow You To Make Your Bet Based On The Payoff Rather Than The Original Amount Of You Don’t Pass Bet. In Other Words, If The Casino Offered Double Odds, The Point Was Six, And You Had Ten Dollars On Don’t Pass You Would Be Allowed To Bet Up To 24 Dollars Because You Would Only Win Twenty Dollars Which Were Double The Amount Of Your Original Ten Dollar Bet.

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