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“Life is so strange when you don’t know, how can you tell where you’re going to? You can’t be sure of any situation, something could change and then you won’t know. (You ask yourself) where do we go from here? it seems so all too near Just as far beyond as I can see, I still don’t know what this all means to me ” (from“ Destination Unknown ”)

During the 2005 presentation of Fantômas at Claro Que É Rock, I instantly created: “This Terry Bozzio (drummer) is awesome. I have to write about Missing Persons ! ” Missing was the band that introduced me to Bozzio and was part of a musical style, very current for the time, called new wave. Like it or not, this “type” of rock has revitalized the genre, bringing a new aesthetic (the era of the music video) and rock back into the spotlight. Many wrinkled their noses, naturally, but after 25 years, and some dose of nostalgia (and maturity), the swoops are “less passionate”. The new wave has fulfilled its role.

At the end of the 70s, the disco prevailed generally, rock was practically over. (The same phenomenon happened in the early 1960s, with the Beatles, who were responsible for bringing rock back to the scene.) Punks and hairy men were reborn in the underworld, but many had the right to look forward to the new. And that’s what happened.
The Missing Persons(the first name was US Drag) he wanted to participate in this new aesthetic, but keeping intact the technique and baggage that three of them brought from the works with Frank Zappa (the band’s first EP was recorded at Zappa’s studio). The aesthetic was symbolically robotic; the sounds of guitar and synthesizers (OBX and Mutron) pregnant with new technology (and no longer the old school “a guitar and a Marshall”); the hair streaked to the top (inspired by the English “New Romantic” movement, anticipating the hairs of the North American flour of the 80s); the way of singing by skeletal vocalist Dale Bozzio (at the time, Terry’s wife. The band was formed a year after the union) which simulated a futuristic doll covered in plastic clothes and devoid of expression (in fact, she sang like Betty Boop from the cartoon with Devo and Gary Numan),
Terry Bozzio together with his wife Dale Consalvi (ex-Playboy bunny, can you?) Recruited ex-Zappa guitarist Warren Cuccurullo; bassist Patrick O’Hearn and keyboardist Chuck Wild to make the Los Angeles club area.